Monday, May 24, 2010


Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with today’s journey. Out all the places I’ve been in Italy, today was definitely my favorite and will be for the remainder of the trip since I have been to the other destinations, but never….never have I been to or experienced places like Lago Como, Bellagio and Lago Maggiore! If you aren’t sure where to visit it Italy…this is it! It’s surreal and completely movie-like…

A little history/summary….

Lago Como or Lake Como is where many famous American actors, actresses and people of higher class own homes and not just any home. I’m talking about lake front property that is colonial style with a view of the Alps. (The pictures tell more than I can). While on Lago Como in a boat we were able to see the homes of George Clooney and what used to be Versace’s house. Both amazing and beautiful! We began our journey at the Villa Carlotta, which is basically a mansion that has been turned into somewhat of a museum for people to view Lago Como from various heights in the home. The gardens are absolutely gorgeous and in bloom as Italy received a lot of rain a couple weeks ago. We then boarded the boat which took us to Bellagio on the other side of Lago Como (no, not in Vegas!). We enjoyed lunch and gelato here. I also FINALLY got some shopping in at some boutiques! We also went to a silk factory (apparently Lago Como is known for silk production)! This was the coolest quaint town with narrow paths of wide stairs leading up into higher regions of Bellagio’s shops and restaurants. After leaving Bellagio, I thought my trip couldn’t get any better. However, we boarded the boat again and toured Lago Como until we came to the city of Como and boarded a coach instead. The coach took us to Lago Maggiore. I soon fell asleep and when I awoke, we were entering the drive way of the beautiful - Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees. Let me just say beforehand, that the pictures do not even do it justice. The entire hotel reminds me of the movie Princess Dairies, but on a whole other level. It has lavish antiques, sculptures, paintings and tapestries everywhere. The hallways of this hotel consist of six Galleries of art. AND, my favorite part---- our room has a balcony view of Lago Maggiore which absolutely breathtaking. So just call me Princessa from now on because right now I’m living the life- if you don't believe me check out the hotel website: Housekeeping comes twice a day (something I’ve been trying to figure out because I don’t need my linens changed every 24 hours) and I have meals practically thrown at me. Yet, again I don’t speak Italian and last time housekeeping walked in when I was showering. Oops! I can’t read the “do not disturb” sign to put it out! It’s in Italian- “Si prega di non disturbare!” Now I know.

Anyway… Lago Maggoire is probably my favorite thus far (although I’ve been to the rest of our locations and I’m sure I won’t change my mind). This is surreal- the balcony, luxuriously over-decorated hotel, boat dock out front, warm weather and housekeeping that won’t leave me alone…I’m moving….GOODBYE L.A.! Hello Italy! This is life…let me go sit at my vanity and get ready for dinner now…

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