Sunday, May 23, 2010


Surprisingly, I slept quite well last night. A total of 8 hours and then I dozed off again after looking at the clock to make sure I wasn’t going to be late for breakfast. And weirdly enough, after a light breakfast and a walk to the Galleria Vittorio, I took a 3 hour nap. However, in spite of my jet lag the day was awesome. The weather was a beautiful 75 degrees and not a cloud in site. Our walks to the Duomo, Scala and Galleria were all relatively local and the shops are just amazing (for window shopping that is). It’s crazy expensive here! The shoes are probably my favorite part, because they are so detailed and extravagant, although I would never try to squeeze my gigantic foot into one.

Anyways…the Duomo was (of course) detailed to the extreme and was located in the Piazza Duomo where apparently the locals were waiting for a HUGE soccer game to be played on an enormous t.v. screen in the middle of the piazza. This team is some sort of European champion and is playing in Spain this evening (9 p.m. Italy time). Today, one could definitely tell the tourists apart from the citizens or locals. Not just because of the cameras but because we were the only ones not wearing a soccer jersey or t-shirts with the soccer teams name on them. The fans are insane. They chant and scream at those who are wearing the other teams jersey or carry their flag. They also wear wigs and paint their faces blue and black – the team’s colors.

I instantly wanted to jump in to all the fun, simply because of all the gorgeous men that flocked to the piazza, however their were three slight problems- 1) I don’t speak Italian (other than curse words) 2) I was with my elder uncle and aunt and 3) I don’t really understand soccer other than a goal is good, which I guess is all that matters however, I feared cheering for the wrong team and being mauled. So, I left the Piazza in utter amazement and knocked out at my hotel. At dinner, we got to meet our tour guide- Christina, who will be guiding our group through all of our destinations (except for Rome where my family will be on our own for a few days). To no surprise whatsoever, Aliza and I are the youngest on the tour, but we met a bunch of very hilarious older couples and all in all we believe this shall be an amazing trip…

Tomorrow we must arise at 6a.m. (that’s 9pm U.S. time) to make it to breakfast and start our day…

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  1. I love that you're wearing that dress.
    It's fitting in with the fantasy of a pretty tourist girl in another country.
    Please don't get mauled. Not over soccer, at least.