Friday, May 21, 2010

Milano...just as sweet as the cookie!

10 long hours of being on a plane then walking across the Frankfurt airport to a connecting flight that sat on the runway for a half hour and FINALLY arrived in Milano at approximately 230p.m. Italy time (3:30a.m. U.S time). Praise Jesus! My bum finally stopped tingling and my muscles stretched. I paced the terminal while my father and uncle attempted to collect the luggage. My father stated that the Italian people (his people) do everything slow and patience is a virtue, meanwhile I was thinking this is ironic because daddy…you don’t have patience sometimes and at this point in the journey everyone was CRANKY! BUT, as soon as we stepped outside, I instantly remembered why I loved this country when I came here 10 years ago with my best friend (Natalita and her family). The friendly people, our talkative bus driver, the small and quaint buildings, the language and my overall sense of excitement gave me a surge of energy. We then proceeded to board a rather nice van that took us on a route that only God could follow. All I know is that it involved the freeway, a handful of lefts and a million rights down small tiny one-way streets made of cobblestone. I’m pretty sure our driver almost ran over two people on Vespas, not too mention the entire street is filled with parked bikes, motorcycles, cars and other forms of transportation. Our hotel is called the Grand Hotel Et De Milan and you would barely be able to find it if driving yourself, simply because it has a small set of double doors amongst a street full of shops, boutiques and restaurants. Quite the quaint little place and absolutely gorgeous, it reminds me of a New York styled hotel but much much more sophisticated and peaceful. Oh and did I mention the gorgeous men here? I am in heaven…and isn’t it ironic that as I type I am hearing church bells? HA HA.

In the midst of all my excitement, I am the only one who couldn’t nap when we got to our rooms. Unfortunately, my mother gave me the low down on walking around by myself and I couldn’t convince my sister to forgo the nap, sooooo I anxiously waited for her to wake up and typical me…I went to the gym… what do you expect I can’t understand a word they are saying on the t.v.! Now, it’s dinner time and room service it is, as everyone is feeling jetlag (except me)…after dinner we shall explore…


  1. I hope you eat everything in sight. And if possible, smuggle back a Gelato cart for me.