Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interview Today.... Gone tomorrow I had my interview at CHLA (which went ...I think extremely well). Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous and I received the general surge of questions such as why do you want to work here... why do you want to be a pediatric nurse and how do you handle conflict? They all seem rather relevant to the field, but I can't help wonder how many times they hear the same answer. In any case, I used my experiences over the last two years to persuade these interviewees....I'm a patient advocate, compassionate, family center care provider who likes to laugh while maintaining a purely professional relationship with patient's families and my co-workers. In short, I told them everything I think they wanted to now I leave it in their hands for two weeks! After that, I am suppose to receive a phone call telling me good or bad news. At this point, I truly focused on getting onto my plane...escaping reality for a bit...
However, I got out of my interview and regretted volunteering to work today instantly. I realized I had lots to do before leaving tomorrow and I became overwhelmed by the list of things to do that ran through my brain at one hundred miles per minute. Sheesh...
I spent a couple of hours of running errands after work and finally am home....packed (for the most part) and my suitcase weighs 47 lbs... I am happy to say my dad's weighs more than mine...he is speechless....
I'm just proud.

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  1. that's cause your gonna need room for the clothes you buy. Duh.