Friday, May 21, 2010

Frankfurt and onward...

Ah, Finally. It is now 250a.m. U.S. time and I am just getting into the Frankfurt airport (it is 1150a.m.). Don’t get me wrong the German language is interesting, but the people here have such thick accents that when they speak to me in English I think they are still speaking German. Anywho… it was an extremely treacherous plane flight of approximately 10 hours in which I tossed and turned in attempt to get some Zzzs but failed. After ohhh… the 7th hour my bum fell asleep and I became antsy. I am in a state of sleep deprivation and my sister and I have a case of the giggles. We spent most the plane flight sleeping on each other’s shoulders and competing at sudoku (I officially stink). I’d have to say the highlight of the flight was the rather plump lady who unknowingly had her mini pillow stuck in the back of her pants when she went to disembark from the aircraft. My dad and I saw her 10 minutes later walking through the terminal to our connecting flight…she still had the pillow stuck…hanging out of her pants. Can’t help but laugh. We are now boarding our plane to Milan…it is a short flight and it will be around 2 p.m. Italy time…my sister is aching for a nap, although I am encouraging her to fight it. I doubt she will listen to my advice. I am so happy to be here I think I shall survive the sleep deprivation at least until my body tells me otherwise…

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